Cyber Workforce Platform

Capture The Flag Scenario I

CaPTURED THE FLAG SCENARIO 1 - an inside look

Unlock the thrilling world of cyber defense by diving into the art of thinking like an attacker!  Ever wondered how adversaries infiltrate systems, stealthily access your sensitive data, or snatch your precious encryption keys?  Now, you have the chance to not just wonder but experience it firsthand!


duration, taking breaks and retakes!

Duration – Get ready for a 2-hour self-directed quest that can earn you 2 CPEs? Few learners absorb all the training in 1 time through, so we give you 3 full runs with unlimited Pausing along the way.   

See it through eye of the Attacker

 Embark on this adrenaline-pumping adventure, make sure you’ve got a solid grip on the LINUX command line, networking, and those sneaky web application vulnerabilities (think SQL injection).  And don’t fret if you hit a roadblock; hints are your trusty companions on this thrilling journey!

A Hot Tip!

While training and doing your research, use the Pause and Continue feature whenever you want. Now, go unleash your inner cybersecurity sleuth and train to secure cyber workforce systems like a pro!.