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Revolutionary cyber training tool provides unparalleled insights to pinpoint learners’ struggles and enhance skill development.

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Introducing the cutting-edge cyber training builder tool like no other in the industry. Unlike traditional cyber ranges, the builder experience goes beyond mere simulation, offering unparalleled granularity to assess and comprehend learners’ challenges like never before. With its innovative features, this tool empowers instructors to pinpoint the exact areas where learners are struggling, providing actionable insights for targeted interventions and fostering accelerated skill development.

Through its state-of-the-art analytics engine, as a course builder you can track learners’ performance at a micro-level, revealing strengths and weaknesses in real-time. This revolutionary approach enables educators to design personalized training modules tailored to each individual’s needs, ensuring efficient learning and substantial progress.

By offering this unprecedented level of insight, the builder revolutionizes cyber training, making it more effective, engaging, and efficient. Empowering both educators and learners, this tool cements itself as the ultimate solution for cyber skill development in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Embrace the future of cyber training and unleash your potential to stay ahead in the cyber realm like never before.

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Want to customize training exclusive to your organization? By becoming a builder, you are empowered to create an experience that is personalize to your goals.


Create a training everyone wants? By being the course builder, anyone who successfully completes your course in the platform, you have access to acquiring royalties from your courses built in our cutting-edge builder service.

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Many of our clients, who are builders, have reaped the benefits of saving time putting together activities using our builder experience. When time is money, saving time, helps to make your output that much better.

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Cyber Workforce Platform

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